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About us

You will find when you visit Life Connect Church that we are a welcoming people filled with a desire to make you feel comfortable. What you are wearing isn’t important, so feel free to wear anything from shorts and sandals to suits and ties. We believe God looks at our heart, not our appearance.

Services generally last around 90 minutes. Praise and Worship is a crucial part of our service, as we believe God inhabits the praises of His people. With that in mind, you can expect around 30 minutes of worshiping God. We know that worship varies from person to person, so do not feel pressured to interact the same way as someone around you. Some people clap, other sing out, and some even cry out to God. Whatever your worship looks like, it is welcome.

We will then have our offering and announcements. Please do not feel obligated to give money during this time. Money is NOT an admission fee into our church, and we want to make sure that anyone visiting knows that placing money in the offering plate is not required.

Our Pastor, Jim Patterson, will then preach what God has laid on his heart for about 45 minutes. Pastor Jim’s messages will always come directly from the Bible and are meant to challenge you in your spiritual walk.

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