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Serving others doesn’t depend on people’s positive response. Jesus washed His disciples' feet, although He knew they would sleep instead of pray during his most urgent hour, deny they knew him, even betray Him, and not even show up at the cross. None of their responses changed who He was or what He did. He was/is love personified, and He loved His disciples until the end (JN. 13:1). Without this kind of "until the end" love and service, disciple making is nonexistent. - Pastor Jim

I’ve been reflecting on joy today.  Nehemiah, the wall builder, said the joy of the Lord is our strength.  How much joy/strength do I have?  David asked God to forgive his sins and to restore the joy of His salvation; and added, THEN will I teach sinners your ways.  Implications? No project can be successfully completed without joy, and no sinners can come to Christ unless the church knows the joy of the Lord.  The little kid’s song says: smilers never lose, and frowners never win; so let the Son shine in! JOY isn’t optional, it’s a total necessity.

I love the word better; it’s the theme of the book of Hebrews – a better covenant established on better promises.   If someone is sick, and you ask how are you? If they answer better, it just makes you better: better begets better!  In a world where rust and decay are the order of the day, better just doesn’t happen by itself.  Interesting though, how you can wash your car and you feel better, and treat the old car better!  Or clean a covered desk off and you feel better!  Life and ministry has that nature too!   The best way to let a ministry, a marriage or a life go south is to do nothing.  However, just start with any part of it, and tweak it, and energy, creativity, enthusiasm, vision begins to flood your heart again.

I’m pondering the concepts of choice and change today.  I think one of the things the enemy does to confuse us is to tempt us to replace evil with the good; and yet both were forbidden by God in Genesis.  Think of how practical God is!   The choices of good are infinite, and no doubt much confusion comes to our finite and frail minds when choosing it.   We might feel like the theologian who said: we’re condemned to freedom - and we’re always right in the Enemy’s territory when we’re in confusion.  God said you only have to be concerned with ONE thing: don’t eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil - not a trillion trails to go down, not even two roads that diverge in the woods.  Jesus said choose me: the way (road), the truth and the life.  One word from God is better than 10,000 good ideas!

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